1. Damn it's harder than it looks. It's just 5 mins but my heart is pounding like hell and I kinda stop a few times but hey it's my first time trying this. I hope I improve my stamina because I'll do this every day

  2. Chris Heria, You are better, You are an example, I motive every day, when I saw your videos, I was happy, because I found what I wanted to do, I will still reach this level, now I am a big fan of yours. I am Brazilian Viva Calistenia Strong hugs! Chris

  3. This workout is like a suicide or a torture. But i will do this in the future. Im not up to it to do this. Im still increasing my strength and endurance to your old videos.

  4. I'm a mother of 6 and I've gained some weight. I haven't worked out in years. This is so hard for me but I'm determined to lose some weight.. My second day doing this. I'm hurting. Lol..

  5. Hey can i lose my belly day in 30 days or 50 days with this ? I will control my eating habits! Because i am a student i am 1.60 and my weight ia 70 kilo i want to lose altleast 10 or 15 kilo

  6. I honestly find his tattoos more mesmerising than his muscles. As though his muscles define his tattoos more than the other way around. Great body though.

  7. Awesome, with 90 Kg Hoe i can make strength to do Brupee’s. Hard load on my erist when going down. Please suggest exercises as per weight to start and build strength

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