1. Thank you so much for this video! I am truly a beginner and I was able to do it. I came over because Dr Dray mentioned your channel in one of her videos. She really likes you so I am a brand new subscriber. My abs are currently covered in fat but gonna keep at it!! Have a blessed day!!!

  2. Love all your videos! I would LOVE to see more standing ab routines or even ab routines that would be easy on the low back. Sometimes, I have low back issues and I have to modify a lot of the moves, which is still good. ☺️

  3. Love the video! I especially love that it is a standing ab routine and only 5-minutes. Crunches suck sometimes and it’s nice to work the abs while standing. I would absolutely love to see more routines like this!

  4. Are you a fitness coach? I love your story and feel so much of it is like mine. I too am 5’5” but weigh 196 I miss being 125. I’ve noticed my mental health has struggled so much. I don’t think being skinny will heal my mental health but it will make it less difficult. I’ve tried Beachbody but physically struggled with the high expectations for me.

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