1. You are truly gifted! You make the things look and feel so easy yet at the end of each workout you notice the work in your body and the lift in the mood too. I had given up on gyms, I'm 55, with hypothyroidism and menopause, all the hormones were against me, but thank God for you. I can happily follow your videos!! Thank you and God BLESS YOU!

  2. Since I really like ur exercise I have been follow it… as my routine….. I feel so happy now I get a wonderful awesome result… from ur 1st video….. thanku very much….😗😗😗😗

  3. I have been taking this weight loss plan “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) for several days at this point and so far I love them! They give me lots of energy and suppress my appetite, however I don`t quit once they wear off which I love, and so they don`t cause me to feel jittery. I have not changed everything else I am doing and also have dropped 7 lbs. .

  4. Greetings from Austria! I am 60 years old, and am totally out of condition, had a very bad flue the last 14 days… started yesterday: day 1 …. done…………………….
    day 2 … done………. and also did the workout for the arms… thx

  5. gonna start today and i'll update each day, i swear i even set a timer
    beginning: waist: 29.5 inches
    Day 1: ✅
    Day 2: ✅ already lost half an inch but i have been doing chloe ting and gabriella whited exercises too
    Day 3:✅ exercised twice today( abt 2 hrs in total) but didn’t repeat this exercise. I did eat some spaghetti tho🤦🏽‍♀️
    Day 4: ✅ worked out for two hours again bc im worried i will gain weight during the 4th of July. (if anyone wants to see the other types of workouts i do, you can check my playlists on my account)
    Day 5:✅ two hours again same old same old
    Day 6:✅ did it in the morning for 2 hrs. but ive eaten so much. i hope everyone has a great 4th of july
    Day 7:❌ couldn’t today cuz i got my hair braided

    after: 29 inch
    i’m gonna try next week too i fee like i didn’t do well this week and also cuz of july 4th i ate so much junk ugh. hope this helped somebody👍🏽

  6. It's my 12Th day now, and the results are slowly showing! I'm really grateful for a God-send fitness instructor whose workouts fuelled me to watch over my health since I've gotten a lot fatter after pregnancy. Wish me the best of luck guys. I hope I can continue this!

  7. Day 1:☑️
    Day 2:☑️
    Day 3:☑️
    Day 4:☑️
    Day 5:☑️
    Day 6:☑️
    Day 7:
    I will be doing this for 2 weeks, 2 times a day, with a 5 minutes workout after, and I will let you guys know how I do in 1 – 2 weeks :3
    Day 4: I've noticed a change a bit, I haven't really been eating that healthy but I'm trying to.

  8. Pregnant women's can doing this exercise plzz reply me and tying to pregnant women's can reduce the wrist size can doing this exercises plzzz reply me

  9. guys keep going it is so worth it i'm on my 2 day and I already see good changes if you have to take breaks in between each step that is good that means you are working hard keep it up 🙂 thank you so much Lucy your the best

  10. Just finally completed the workout basically all in the intermediate one and man in sweating so much more than in the beginner one

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