1. I do this for 15 days.. (having 1 or 2 days break in between ) but this workout show magical results I lose 4 kg.. nd 2 inches from waist ..going to do for another 15 days..! Thnx Lucy..I tried many workouts but never get good results..u r blessing to me. God bless u dr ! I m doing another 7 day workouts too..nd off course healthy eating..I am not on diet but avoiding junks and sugar.

  2. ~~~>Lucy 🙏 <~~~~ you are amazing! Thank you for all this help! I am finally taking a stand in my health. 💝 I am in week 5. 😂 Instead If shopping for 🍭 Candy I’m shopping 🛍 around with what workout of yours I want to try!!! 🥳

  3. Just started this one today. Was anxious to because it looked tough (which it was) but I had so much fun doing it and the time flew by. Can't say that about many workouts.

    Definitely will be incorporating this in to my workouts.

  4. i love your videos. no more words to say from the beginning and i love it. im not wasting my time watching unlike other videos that many shit says before to start.. now i lose my weight. from oval shape to curvy shape. many thanks.

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