1. Hello, thanks for the video. I am not able to understand all. For example, at 6:09 "in the start postition, the elbow looks donwards when it should be facing upwards". I don't understand here. The elbow is in a high position indeed, what is the problem here? Thanks.

  2. I am a former competitive gymnast I am learning to swim properly at 50 years of age. Your videos are the best I have found anywhere. Your explanations of technique, drills and dry land training are very thorough and I have improved my swimming a lot already! I will continue to use you as my "coach" and I hope to continue to improve! Thank you so much for all of your help! 🙂

  3. I really found good teaching for my swimming. How grateful!Recently I feel difficult when I do one arm fly . While one arm reaches near belly button my body begin to lost ballance, twisted. If I do freestyle stroke body's not shaking. Is there some solution?

  4. Very useful and instructive video! It helped me a lot. In particular, I noticed that the arms after the breathing phase should be under water and pointing slightly downwards, I was instead keeping them at the water surface! I will try tomorrow to fix it.

  5. I've been coached not to pause at the top of the stroke (hand entry to catch), however there is a obvious glide in your video with a dolphin kick driving the hands into the catch. Any tips for developing this timing?

  6. Отличное и полезное видео! Посмотрел уже несколько раз, и каждый раз нахожу что нибудь новое для себя. Жаль, что нет на русском…

  7. Thank you for the explanation.
    The one arm drill looks like a freestyle drill. Is it safe to conclude that arm movement in butterfly is actually the same as in freestyle, except that it's done simultaneously?

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