1. He's got his little 10 year old thumb, I got my huge daddy thumb so I thought I'd go easy on him but of course I didn't realize that he was texting since he was born

  2. I love his comedy and with how long i have been watching his youtube clips i just now noticed that he explains things that we all know about for example the face time joke. I dont understand why he has to explain it.

  3. So hilarious. One of my favourite comedians of all time. I was thinking during that last bit about loo seats…. that technically in the gents toilets, loo seats are only necessary less than half the time considering the first thing most men do on entering the loo, is to put the loo seat up lol

  4. Absolutely love Michael McIntyre!! Never has a comedian, slash that, gifted story-teller made me laugh so many times in one sitting. Would love to meet his wife some day, she must be a truly fantastic person!! 😊

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