1. Hell madam i have a question i have football tryouts coming up and so i need to work on my diet to give me more energy which diet is the best for more energy

  2. Can I be honest! Your recent videos made me resub to your channel Rachel. Recently I’ve been getting back into reducing waste and body workouts. I had a back injury last year and have been seeing my chiropractor since
    Then. I know I need to exercise and maintain & care for my body as a chef. So I’ll give your videos a go again .. and check out your new book!

  3. Thank you for this ! Appreciate how much work you put in your videos. Could you please consider a real time hiit workout in the future? I will be doing this workout tomorrow.

  4. Guys do not do your push ups like that. The elbows should not be flared. YouTube correct form then do it.

  5. I just finished this workout and the set of dumbbells I used were 5 lb. This is fantastic, Rachel! The simple method and where you structure this down to the instructional videography is fantastic.

  6. Hey sweetie, a question: how long would you wait in between a meal and a workout? I absolutely hate fasted training and burning calories isn't my main priority now. Is three hours before too long ? What about something light like protein yoghurt with fruits and coconut before? Or is this rather ineffective? Workouts always suppress my appetite for a while after

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