1. I've been cycling through different yt workouts for a while now, but none of em made me hurt quite as much as this and others from you did. Thanks for these!

  2. You have the best ab workouts I've ever done. I'm addicted and I can feel the difference in my stability in my core. Thanks for the vids great good girly

  3. Oh my god I really loved this workout! It wasn't even that hard to do but it was hard to keep your back on the ground. However, this was such a great and lenient workout!😁

  4. I found your channel a week ago and I absolutely love your workouts. There are tons of workouts on YouTube, but yours are by far the most effective I've ever done. Subscribed!❤

  5. thanks for these awesome videos! they give you a good set amount of time in each exercise to get it right and plenty of burnt time before ,moving onto the next move!

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