1. Hey guys! I’m loving the beat in this song. 😍 if you watch all of it, you’ll see that I show two low impact options for the plank jacks. Also, every set of jumping jacks and plank jacks are in sets of 4. Give it a try and let me know what you think! ❤️

  2. I love you're channel so much!!! I'm going to start doing the BTS routine but I think I'm gonna add this to my routine too. Thank you so much!!! Love from Mexico in

  3. how many calories roughly would you say following this video once would burn? Edit: I know it's not an exact science but as someone who for one loves kpop and two is starting to workout and be conscience of intake and exercise and stuff it'd be helpful for me Edit 2: if not a lot are burned how many times should i do this in order to burn a significant amount like over 200 calories type thing cause idk some fitness class are like this session burns 400 calories in 20 minutes so like yea help lol

  4. More kpop workouts! I would request lots of song for you to do. I would love to do your workout if I have space to do it. It’s really small space for me to move 😅 I would love you to do some songs below:
    – bon bon chocolat by everglow
    – dalla dalla by itzy
    – icy by itzy
    – uh oh by g-idle
    – txt songs
    – blackpink songs
    – zimzalabim by red velvet
    There’s more I love you to cover on but I won’t tell you to do all of them. That would be too much. I also would like you to do senorita by Shawn Mendez and camila.
    Keep up the great work I’ll be waiting! ❤️

  5. i found your channel a few days ago and i looove your workouts and i also looove ateez so the fact that you just posted this is amazing to me!!!! thank you!!! if you do more workouts to ateez songs i would be sooo grateful 💗💗

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