1. Whitney, I am trying to improve my push ups. I can only do about 20 and I do not go low enough. Do you think chest and triceps workouts could help me with my push ups?

  2. you ve mentioned in a Q&A video that some people have asked you if you're getting your boobies "done" and i think it's crazy! why would you? lookin awesome girl, flawless even 🙂 thank you so much for all your free workouts, real great inspiration for all of us! just keep 'em coming! sending love from Romania! <3

  3. I was desperately looking for a chest & triceps workout, then came across your channel. I like the way you demonstrate everything in detail and make it look easier for me as a beginner. 😘

  4. loved Loved LOVED the switch ups in this workout with the stability ball and 30 seconds on and off!!!! I won’t lie though, I had no love for that last superset. Tricep pushups feel nearly impossible. Definitely gotta keep working on those. I feel like I barely get down a half a centimeter and my triceps scream. ILYSM💜 Thanks for another hot fire flame workout🔥🔥🔥

  5. Heyy.. loved ur video.. can u plz post a video for inner thighs..
    thank u…
    ps- ur workout is amazing .. it gives me GOALS.. ❤️

  6. you are sooo funny and I love your workouts!   I am most likely your oldest fan on here.  Your so positive and love to see the pictures of you and your BF on instagram.  You both make a great couple !  🙂

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