1. This is the one channel that has made me so motivated to work out, she makes it look so fun, I usually get intimidated by fitness gurus but she makes me want to better my health

  2. These videos are the only way i have ever successfully maintained working out. Im fitting back into my favorite clothing and i feel so much moee motivated when im taking care of my body. Ive failed so many times at maintaining a workout schedule but your videos make it so much easier to work out every day or multiple times a week. Forcing myself to go to the gym for an hour multiple times a week just ended in failure because i felt like i never had time to commit to it. These videos make working out flexible and accessible. Thank you so much

  3. Great video. New subbie here, in that short amount of time i wa sweating and breathng hard (I'm really out of condition). I will continue to watch/workout w/you. TFS

  4. Today i didn't feel good but i still put in 100% effort and like u say u should up that's all that matters !!! I love your videos thank u so much for being a part of my daily life !!

  5. I have been doing many workouts for years and they all end up boring me or don’t really work . I ran into this video of yours and it motivated me to try it and laughing at your sense of humor at the same time lol I have been doing this video along with all of your other videos for about 2 weeks now and I have not yet gotten bored and I see the results already 😍😍❣️❣️ God Bless you , keep it up ♥️♥️

  6. I love your workouts I been doing it slowly but surely. I am a 2 time breast cancer survivor who has had many many surgeries after. It's been a long long haul. I had a Latisumus back flap in 2014. And I saw this and was like cool I got this. Thank you appreciate you. ✌🏾💕🌻

  7. I finished them! I also do the arms fat one and it burnssssss so well, now I´m doing the hips one and if I can, the butt one, I love training with such a motivational person.

  8. Hey Kola 😊 So I’ve been doing the booty and thigh workout for 2019 and I started this workout today so I’m wondering if it’s okay to do two workouts ? For two totally different parts of your body ?

  9. Today was my first day & I must say OMG. This is harder than it looks I got to a little after 6 minutes, hopefully tomorrow I can complete the video. I can feel the burn with just those few minutes that I attempted lol. Great arm workout.

  10. I'm on my journey toning my whole body without any equipments and by just constantly watching your videos helped me a lot! I love you, Kola and I appreciate it💖

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