1. okay so ima do this and keep you guys updated! ima do this tomorrow cuz everyone is sleeping rn🤧
    { can someone please volunteer to be my workout buddy cuz i know me if i don’t have a commitment to someone i won’t actually do it you know😓}

  2. Hi holly. I've been following some of your workouts. Would u mind doing workout that focuses on arms, back and abs. I would really appreciate it. Thank you and God bless. 🙏

  3. I just came across your channel and I love the way you do the exercises with the timer in the upper right corner and you show the next exercise in the upper right corner. I will be following your videos instead of all the others. You have the best! Thanks

  4. Can you do a 7 min butt workout ? I wanna feel confident & unstoppable <—— see what I did there but seriously I really want a butt workout ! Thanks Holly Dolke !!💗👏🤩

  5. From the time you started exercising till today, how much time have passed until you got this results??
    Because I'm about to start exercise and I want to know how long does it take, so I won't be disappointed in a couple of months when I won't see much of a progress.

  6. Hey, just discovered your channel and I love it 💕 Could you please do a video on how to fix muscle imbalance? My left leg (especially calf) has always been bigger than my right no matter what I try 😅

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