1. how to do diamond push ups for bellies
    not able to do .. how to sterengthen my arms i masturabate every week or once three days
    i am addicted how can leave from it

  2. Why when i make knee crunched and oblique v ups i look likr a wobbly fish, but you do it so accurate and balance? Is it about skill or are my muscles too weak to perform it good enough? For example i couldnt lift my upper boddy not nearly as higj as you did during those knee crunches, even at the beginning of training session

  3. Well done, well demonstrated. I've been training for 20 months now and still consider myself a beginner. Have some difficulties with diamond push ups, but i keep going until i master them. Thanks for the video, i subbed.

  4. looks like nz or something! stunning back yard view 🙂 Thanks for this.. I've been following your vids at home.. I train on the nearby park (it's free!) ..trying to get my chin up abilities going again.. I've managed to get back to doing sets of triceps dips with my full body weight so quite happy and i can get a few chin ups out but that gives out quick so I then go to as many negative reps as i can which I never thought to do till I saw your vids so thanks again 🙂

  5. I know that for you its a waste of time to do all reps and breaks on video, the whole training basically as written down, but for us, the viewers, we could use it to push ourselves to accomplish the whole workout, with proper resting times etc. Cause now we either have to memorise all 10+ exercises, all write it all down and not watch the video.
    > I would rather watch the video and go through the whole training with you on screen as motivation.

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