1. I want to do calisthenics so bad, My wrist is damaged and will no longer bend past 40 degrees i have tried stretches but the damage i from missing cartelege and scar tissue. Are there modified forms that dont involve me using my knuckles? Or a brace tgat would elivate my palm when pressing?

  2. Hi Simon, if you could make a video about tracking your progress/ planning/ not plateauing that would be of great value to me and I'm sure others would find it useful too.

  3. For anyone interested in more, there's a similar program called Recommended Routine made by BodyWeightFitness community on Reddit with more information you can read.

  4. HI Simonster! Youtube proposed me Your video and it's awesome!!
    Can I ask you for a video in which you would describe what kind of diet routine to follow? I have basic experience at gym and was eating Mostly things that are protein-rich and carbon-rich. But could you show some examples? Or maybe simply describe your diet? Thanks man, thanks very much.

  5. Thank you very much,U look alot like junior now.I imagine U have for quite some time.Yeah,some of my breakdancing mates in Newcastle gave me some footage of him.I can see U have done so much work.Well done.I would ask for progression to windmill and flares but in many of your vids U have shown skillz that would get one closer to that level.Such as many of the aspects in this video.Thanx again.U rule.Like U said,consistent and good technique.Thank you legend 🙂

  6. Bring a program so people can buy it, only these standart exercises will never let u do a fullplanche and u know it….

  7. Hi, Can you make a video for intermediate and advanced calisthenics athletes? I don't know how to improve my strength and my physical appearance doesn't satisfy me yet. Thanks for your time 🙂

  8. You can transform this video in series: "Journey from beginner to intermidiate/advanced".
    This workout is very good to start with, it contains vertical and orizontal pushing and pulling exercises.
    Another video can continue this series showing how to progress once you've mastered this exercises.
    For example from the pull up you can go to perform archer or typewriters, from dips you can go to pike or handstand push ups ecc…

  9. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for this tutorial.

    Can you maybe cover exercise types for getting the bent arm plance ?
    As this one is required for 90 degrees handstand push ups it will be nice to see a video specifically about that.


  10. great video for beginners, i also make a video on how to start calisthenics for beginners, it might be helpful if you are a beginner i will advice you to check it out. follow simonster instruction he his an expert in calisthenics

  11. Did that band get you in the head what the. Great video, couple of questions.
    Would you recommend training skills every other day, front levers, planches, back levers, handstands, and maybe rest 1 day in the week if needed.
    Will training in a superset fashion as you suggested in the video have benefits not only regarding cutting time, but development for muscle endurance and cardiovascular health and stamina in general, because I've heard that intense, "sweaty" workouts are the most beneficial for your health.

  12. Hi Simon! Thanks a lot for this. Wanted to ask, are you making a separate video for legs and glutes? I'm finding it's impossible to progress with levers and handstands past a certain degree without developing the bottom part of the body, especially glute control and activation.

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