1. I love your workout, they have really made working out a fun new thing for me that I am doing regularly for the first time ever. Unfortunately this particular workout hurt my knees, so won’tbe doing this one again. But the other ones are awesome!

  2. Thank you team body project for a great work out, 1st time doing this and a newbie to your workouts but I love them. I need cardio for health reasons but not a fan of HIIT so this is just puuurfect for me. Love from South Africa.

  3. Love it..there is no jumping yet I still sweat it out and feltl the heat.. I've been doing cardio by body project for few months now..and I'm loving how I look…thank you

  4. thank you body project!!! best workout without jumping and other complicated moves. very intense exercise and i sweat and get tired woooooowwww. love wokouts like this <3

  5. Daniel, i freaking love you. Seriously people, this guy is the only person who’s ever managed to motivate me to stick with a workout. I’ve always hated exercise, but this guy somehow makes me want to do it.

  6. Yes indeed thank you thank you Body Project!!! I had been so discouraged since I got injured my back on top of breaking my elbow so I couldn’t run any longer 😢. Walking is boring and does not make me sweat. But now I found you💗.you guys make me sweat like a pig and proud of myself again! I skip anything like burpee until my arm gets better. But still this is fantastic! I lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks now🏋️‍♀️

  7. Thank you, Daniel, Katie & Ginny. I started the cardio starter approx a couple of wks ago and I feel so much better. I’m going on a vacation in a wk and will be doing a lot of walking. I feel more confident now that I won’t tire out easily.

  8. Did this yesterday and this morning… I def feel it. I am taking the day to recover and back at it tomorrow. I absolutely loved and and know it will work! I did it in my living room and my toddler tried to follow along 😉 just nice that I don't have to go to the gym to feel I had a great workout 💪 thank you!

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