1. Just got the Nano 8 Flexweave and Speed TR Flexweave. Couldn't decide between the two– Speed TR's look nicer to me than the Nano 8 but I think the Nano 8 might be more durable. Decided to go with the Speed TR based on your input. Thanks.

  2. I want to buy 3-pairs of sneakers for a beginner machine weight-training, elliptical and treadmill aerobics, and a stretching routine 5-days per week. Based on this sneaker review, especially for flat-feet, I sense the following 3-pair would meet this functionality and style need — feedback anyone?

    1. Reebox Froning = Leg Press (High-Mid-Low Positions @ Wide-Shoulder-Close Stances … 3-Versions X 3-Variations = 9-Set Volume MWF)

    2. Nike Metcon 4 = Elliptical (60-minutes M-F PM)

    3. Nike DSX FlyKnit Metcon 2 = Treadmill (60-minutes M-F AM)

    If I could only afford 1-pair, it would probably be the Nike Metcon 4 cross-trainer or NoBulls.

    Excellent A+ succinct product video. Thank you for making and sharing. Bravo!

  3. Hi! Awesome video! Thanks for this. I had a question. With some of the reebok shoes, I face issues with support to the arch wherein after a couple of minutes of running/workout, the arch gets fatigued and starts paining. Do we have good support to the arch in Speed TR flexweave?

  4. Great review. I have wide feet but defo prefer the metcon 4 over Nano 8 for running, lifting and hiit. Nanos gave me feet ache during workouts.

  5. Have you ever tested New Balnace Minimus? They are newer and need some refinement, but are a great classic new balance option

  6. What do u think about training crossfit using a pair of shoes like the Everlast Forceknit? I saw a Guy in a video talking about these shoes and the stability It provides but I'm sure if I can trust his analysis and now I'm curious about It xD

  7. If I own the nano 8s already would you recommend getting the speed TR also? Or are they too similar? I found the nano 8s not the best to run in (only run 1-1.5mi to the gym) but love them otherwise. Perhaps I should explore the metcon 4s instead?

  8. Would the reebok speed tr flexweave help me with both running on the treadmill and outside on a track? It seemed to me that this shoe stood out the most but maybe you or someone else has more insight.

  9. Great video. I happen to have the Speed TR and after that I bought the Metcon 4 and Nano 8 just to see if they were a whole lot better. The Metcon 4 feels the most stable, but the heel slip is annoying, and just like you said, it's not something I would want to wear for a long time. The Nano 8 is more comfortable than the Metcon 4 and a little more stable than the Speed TR, but I noticed when I got on the treadmill it felt like a brick compared to the Speed TR, plus it has a little bit of heel slip (not as bad as the Metcon 4). The Speed TR has the most secure fit (no heel slip), it's the lightest, I can wear them all day, and I can still squat for PR's on them. They all have their strengths and I rotate all 3 of them, but the Speed TR that I only paid $50 for is the one I'd keep if I can only have one.

  10. Whoa, awesome job creating best categories for different types of feet and styles of training for both men and women. This should be getting over 100k views! I scratch my head when I see people training or lifting weights with Nike Free running shoes or Adidas Boost. Thanks for the good tip. I'll be sharing this with my workout community.

  11. awesome video!!! if you have to choose between the speed tr flexaweave and the nano 8 flexaweave, mostly for crossfit class and gym training, what would you choose? thank you for everything

  12. Nice review man. Crossfit/training shoes, I look to you and AsManyReviewsAsPossible for the best and most accurate advice. I've been wanting NOBULLs forever but nowhere to try them on. I have flat and wide (pancake) feet. I usually only do about .5-1 mile before lifts, will the NOBULLS be cool? My flat feet make me overpronate which is the only reason I don't care for the NANO 8s, not enough of a wide base in midfoot.

  13. What a variety of shoes to choose from…I will be eager to see what all the Reebok CrossFit-ers and metcon lovers think of the Under Armour tried base reign since I'm sure Under Armour was included in the list of potential winners. The rock pr1, the architect futurist get over looked due to size and design. UA kills it with cross training.

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