1. Difficult video to do as people are emotional about this stuff and deciphering studies is challenging. Good list, though.

    I'll just add that for us old guys, MPS requires more protein. Dr Lyon talks about 2.4g/kg and I'm finding that helpful.

    Is sleep a supplement 🤣 Optimize yours or you're waisting your effort in the gym.

  2. Nothing works, only youth with high testosterone level plus good genes…. then after your 30s… STEROIDS and creatine …. in moderation… and that’s that. All that stuff you mentioned is bull and do nada.

  3. Beverly, which is the oldest supplement company around, makes a protein powder that is whole egg, milk isolate and beef protein. Best stuff I’ve ever had

  4. “Now …I’m not tryna sell you supplements”…. well actually I am !!! …..But that’s ok! Cuz we know your a 100% legit and we love you!! Now … where’s that link ……I’m running low on Beta ……

  5. You dummies need to learn that you see results when u push the limit and eat a surplus at the same time, imagine the gainz stacking a bcaa shake after 6000 calories in one meal. Get what I'm saying now?

  6. Best hardgainer shake or just everyday dessert

    30g isolate

    2 bananas

    3g creatine

    2 cups of oats

    A shake of cinamon (helps absorb the protein too)

    And a big scoop of yoghurt … 10 times better than ice cream for flavour with less sugar and makes it creamy

    Then put in some pre filtered. warm water (helps to mix) to how much your blender can take

    Let the results begin

  7. 3:36 true words has been spoken

    2 years ago i was170 cm and 50 kg, iwas skinny AF

    one day i met this random dude later become best friend in gym, i said that i take mass Gainer and he said its worthless and told me to just buy protein powder and some oatmeal and eat eggs a lot of eggs

  8. Look here, there is no better protein than egg. Whey is inferior to egg, and always will be. Egg albumen derived amino acids are the King of aminos although you can't readily find them unless they're combined w whey. You don't hear about egg anymore, for whatever reason, but they are and always will be superior to anything else out there. Sorry folks, just old school wisdom that endures. ✌out!

  9. Hard gainers, add watermelon and protein blends (egg albumen, whey isolate, whey hydro-isolate, casein, etc.). All of those proteins digest at different rates. Some are super fast and some are slow. Hard gainers have a problem with burning off calories faster than other people. If your carbs and fats are burned off, next is your protein. Slow digesting proteins feed your muscles over longer periods allowing availability to your muscle longer. Just make sure that you have enough good cholesterol and fats for proteins to hitch a ride on (and carbs to burn). If there is no cholesterol there test can't be transferred to the muscle that is repairing itself. Snacks help a lot! Peanut butter, avacado slices, a handful of berries, an apple or apple juice, etc. If there's nothing else available eat some crackers. Just get something into your body at least every 2 hours or so. Apple juice and gummy bears are especially good within the first few minutes after working out. Eat/drink some a half hour before your post workout shake. They'll give you an insulin spike that'll push protein into your recovering cells.
    Everything else he said that hardgainers should eat is exactly right! Listen to him. Just add watermelon. You won't believe until you try it!

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