1. Thank you for 300K subscribers. Insane.
    As a special i thought i would bring back a highly suggested Browney workout playlist part 2 🔥

    PS: I disabled certain ads so you can watch/listen to the thing without being interrupted by a 30 seconds ad. And rarely skip a 3 minute ad. Also only made ads pop up between songs and not during a song. Oh and only 3 ads on 1 hour video. Thnx.

  2. Yes im a gamer I never really workout but I’m trying to push my self to work out and go to the gym. I started doing push-ups and most I’ve got is 12 id say that is pretty good for me next I want to go for is 20

  3. This has to be the shittiest workout music i've ever heard, the beat is non existent how do you keep a rythm with horns ans symbals? on the contrary every drop just slows you down, it is not for any type of workout unless you dont want to exercize anything and just sweat with no improvment

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