1. I live in Indiana, when it's warm I go places and get exercise. The weather is going to change soon and I cannot stand the cold because the MS doesn't allow my body to adjust when I come in from the cold. Today is a good day though! God bless you!

  2. Hope you get the bluetooth running smoothly.
    Wrestling with appetite but still losing 🙂
    Good to listen to your body, you may need more rest to recover and grow those muscles,
    sleep staves off excessive appetite. Spring water is so good.
    I like Nestlé Splash, it's slightly sweet refreshing fruit flavors with no calories
    Dinner looks delicious, yummy🍜
    Excited to see your video's each day! 👍

  3. Looking good!! Loved the salad. And I love the posts you are making on your other channel. I wanted to remind you though the word diet generally means temporary way of eating. This, what you are doing now is a new way of eating 4life… God bless you. your sister in Christ Tammy. P.S. Jesus Christ is at the door.

  4. Keep at it brother. Pray God to give you self-control and urge to exercise. Don't make excuses not to go to gym or just walk around your neighborhood in fast walk. Really helps. After my prayer the Holy Spirit just gives me the urge to exercise daily. Don't do speedy diet, IMHO. Make eating healthier and less a permanent habit; otherwise, it is very easy to gain your weight back. Slowly cut down on meat, but not too much; otherwise you will get hungry later fast and end up eating more. However, must really cut down carb. and sugar. Sugar of any kind is just really bad. Fight on and God blessed.

  5. Nick, PLEASE start talking a SUPER B COMPLEX or a Super B Complex Max! It will seriously help. I promise you that. Because of your diet you should probably add a regular multi vitamin in there too. You know,I only EVER add a suggestion like that if it's something I learned. If you want any help with stuff like supplements or such I can help you with a few. There are things you can do to help with weight loss but NOT speed up your heart and crap like that. One REALLY good thing you can do, you already are….. add eggs! The Chromium and selenium are so crucial.
    OK anyway, this is getting long and I do NOT want to write you yet another small book! lol.
    Don't let the small things trip you up. All things are lessons in this life. When we see the lesson we stop having to go through the class again and again!
    Love, Prayers and God's Blessings to you! 💖🙏💖

  6. Still plodding along and walking this rocky road…its hard to do with the debauchery that I am surrounded by…you'd think your bretheren would be supportive, but no go with their junk food eating soda drinking lifestyles…
    Anyway the weigh in for me today was 255 that is 3 lbs off…but i don't see it or feel it.
    Pray for success, yes? Shalom Nick… you're RAKKIN IT !✌💛🙏💪😇😎

  7. Good morning❤❤❤ i love seeing Max and Justice!!🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍 Oh and I love seeing you to!!😁😁😍😍❤❤ I lives 10 years of rock bottom. 30 to 40 years old. My biggest problem is I separated from JESUS. Would of nit wasted all those years if I trusted and walked with him. This world is hard to live by ourselves. We need JESUS. Everyday all day❤❤❤ Have a nice day❤❤❤

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