1. First time coming back to fitness blender in two years. At the time I had an eating disorder and was working out for the wrong reasons. After recovering I was always so afraid to come back to fitness blender because I thought I would become disappointed how out of shape I’ve become even though I worked out regularly with a different program for softball and my other sports. I finished it completely and felt so strong, and I was so proud I pushed myself just to do it again. Thank you fitness blender for all you’ve done for me ❤️❤️

  2. Love the workouts but my only complaint is they tend to be too squats/lunges centric. The rest of my body is fine but the next couple of days my hamstrings are so sore.

  3. I called it about 15 minutes in. My legs were shaking!!! I 10/10 recommend this, but to gradually do it. I felt good stopping at 15 because I used to run hiit on the treadmill at 15 minutes, so the day after tomorrow i'll try for 20 minutes and so on.

    lol and I really thought I was going to do this workout twice to get a 60 minute workout. THIS IS HIIT! no jokes about it

  4. Woah, this was so much fun. I pushed myself as hard as I could and now I’m sweaty, proud and moving onto another workout 😅 Oh, why am I doing this to myself?! Oh right, getting ready to show off all my work this summer XD. #FBSweat Day 15 complete! 25.02.19

  5. I did this one a couple of days ago. And I noticed how badly in shape I am. I struggled so much due to me gaining 5kg about 1.5 years ago… which makes a huge difference. And I haven’t worked out much in those past 1.5 years, especially not HIIT. Last time I worked out was in August – that went good until I had a cold in September and after that… I haven’t done much.

    Anyway… I sucked!! I’m going to try this again soon, I think. Hopefully with your videos I’m going to lose those 5kg soon and more!

  6. amazing workout as always! as someone who’s not the best at cardio, tho, i do have a question:

    is it better for me, when i get too tired to do the high impact, to switch to low impact/whatever movement i can do, or should i pause the vid a few moments until i can continue with high impact for a while?

  7. Doing those curtsy lunge jumps when Kelli says “Is that 3? Who knows ? Nobody knows”, I’m here screaming at the screen “I know! It was 3! , it was 3!” 😂😂 . What a great workout , thank you! 🙂

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