1. You are an awesome coach! I have been working out with your vids. It really helps out training with your guidance and Hour Glass girls. Please next time consider not using any of those plastic water bottles, somebody get you a water container that does not pollute. I’d love to see you and all people that train being more proactive for our planet.

  2. heard candadian mountain climbers and I was like IS SHE IN TORONTO? IS SHE? so after stalking you a bit, I think I am coming to join your gym for training. So excited XD

  3. Hi lyzabeth! I would like to start toning my body since i am a little out of shape and ive been going to the gym on and off for a year. However i discovered i have a herniated disc? Any tips on how to lift properly without further injuring my back? Those kettle swings look tempting but im not trying to hurt myself anymore!

  4. Im in love with this workout, I do your glute activation & this video every morning & my booty has grown an inch in just under a month! So glad to have subscribed to your channel 🙂

  5. Love love love your videos! I have quite a bit of weight to loose and this workout is so so good. I had to modify a bit but cannot wait for the day i can do this complete work out. I'm gonna get booty-vicious thanks to you Lyzabeth! Keep the videos coming they are so inspiring! 💕Love you! 💕

  6. I am so so sooooo glad I found your channel! I feel like you're my new lifestyle guru <3 What kind of stuff would you suggest for an arm day? Maybe you could do a video of an at home arm day or something just with dumbbells and some simple equipment?

  7. Hey Lyza, I'm from Bangladesh. Really like your videos and your body. you have done a great job. I have two kids back to back. so I exercise in my home. your home workout videos are really helpful. thanks. do you have any video specially for side booty building? please let me know. thanks again and keep up the good work 🙂

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