1. What's up bro love your short on time workout haven't seen a video from you lately so I'm going to finish watching this going to watch your shoulder video and whatever else you put up just finished working out today did upper body always great inspiration and motivation keep up the good work bro

  2. I like how this guy just explains common sense approach weight lifting, no trendy c rap, no egotistical undertone attempting to hide, no debate over 15 different opinions on what. " the best chest workout is",, great video, which is why I instantly subscribed.

  3. What do the elbow straps do? I keep getting the ulnar nerve snap over my left elbow when doing overhead dumbbell triceps extensions. Super annoying and I don't want to aggravate it more. It's progressed to where it does it when dumbbell floor pressing

  4. Just ordered the recovery stack. Quick question john, do you take the recovery during, or after workout? Thermo burn really had me sweating today on the row machine. Love the simplicity, effectiveness of the ingredients! Great company John!

  5. Love it John! These are the type I workouts that I do pretty much most of the time. I know it’s probably not ideal ,but it works for me and my lifestyle. Thanks for another ripper video👍✌️

  6. Just found your channel! Just gotta say you are an incredible motivation and I enjoy listening to your input and explanation of exercise and health/fitness. Subbed!

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