1. I like this dude , he has great info and obviously the physic to back it up. But I'm disagreeing with the carb thing 100%. Been Keto
    ( and a very close step below carnivore ) for 8 months or so . Started lifting heavy about the same. Almost no HIIT and zero cardio. Easiest system of eating I've ever done and by far the most sustainable . Down 45 lbs of blubber and packed on muscle honestly like never before, not even as a high school football player. I'm 47 and close to a six pack (ok 4 pk) for the first time in my life ! Keto and IF and merging toward carnivore. Sugars and carbs out of my life for good. Also ease up on any booze is a gimme haahah. Best of luck to everyone.

  2. I think your program is good, but can you formulate a 'supplement free/don't care' program? Many men just would like to stay in shape, I think if you can provide a program that provides for normal eating and no vitamins/ supplements/don't have to think too much or modify my life, you will pick up tons of customers. I don't want a project, I want something I can set and forget, and jump off for a week, then catch up. I know this is the wrong attitude but it must be nearly possible …right? You can say I'm wrong, that's ok. Just one more thing, can you make a video about reducing sugar, I have reduced my intake and my skin is heaps better.

  3. Just found this channel. I'm 64 and DON'T need to lose weight…need to gain the muscle I've lost over the years from being sedentary. I understand that being overweight in the U.S. is the norm, but I'm hoping to capitalize on your program to build muscle and then keep it as I age. I do have questions about some minor conflicting information regarding a Keto approach vs your approach; similar but some foods and percentages of categories are slightly different. Don't like calorie or carb counting…would just like something that comes naturally (with some discipline of course). Thanks for all of the content I haven't seen yet.

  4. Dr. Anthony, I am a pastor of a large church and would love to have a Father son/ Father daughter sensible workout video series. Ie. How can a busy Mom/Dad eat nutritionally while feeding his family without breaking the budget? How can they instill easy to follow exercises for the whole family? My wife and I are 58 and want to lead by example.

  5. I hate full body workouts and I am 50.i have been body building and poet lifting since I was 17 and still going strong. But, I don't get much out of doing more than one major muscle group per day. By the time I get to the second or third large muscle group, I have little left so I do a 4 day split and it works best for me. I am 6'3",235 and 14% bodyfat. I hate full body workouts. Never had good results.

  6. Creatine is something I tried then realised it has a lot of side effects I use bacass amino n protein with oats yoghurt bananas nuts milk this formula for me blows creatine apart by a long way way more strength and gains

  7. I'm 51 and already doing everything in your video except squats and deadlifts I had a broken back and spinal fusion from an accident 3 years ago. I do leg presses, bodyweight squats leg curl and leg extensions calf work too . I'm currently leg pressing 500 lbs for 5 sets of 20 reps. I do an upper/lower body split

  8. I am 65 years old, 6'2" and 185lbs. I am in the skinny-fat category. I am frankly nervous with the high number of calories being suggested, and especially the protein, but I'll give it a try.

  9. Humm. Extremely important information. 50% Carbs is OK for non Diabetics. What about Diabetics? How to split Macro nutrients? Any advice there Coach?

  10. Testosterone maintenance comes from: fatty fish and fatty foods, sex with a partner, stress control, sleep. resistance training.

  11. Low dose TRT, HcG as well. Combined with all of the above. 52. Never used anything my entire life. Began TRT in October. Life changing.

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