1. I love your energy in this video! As a person from Malawi, a country in southern Africa, I can guarantee that these moves are dances from various African countries.

  2. Keaira: how much calories do I burn doing this? What do you recommend for doing after this workout? What other workout I mean for to complete a good workout

  3. Keaira You are THE BEST!!! Love working out with you because your energy just explodes from the computer and pumping me up 😀 I'm so sweaty, but feel great! Thanks!!! 😀

  4. Didn't quite find the moves African, though from Kenya but thanks…think you can consider incorporating a fit African dancer to make it more fun..I didn't really enjoy working out to this episode.

  5. This is so awesome! I really enjoyed the workout, the teacher, the music and how you broke each dance down in sets of 20 sec increments! Also, loved the breaks in between for recovery and water! Thank you! More please with this format and teacher! One more thing, I also liked how the camera was full body so we could see the moves!

  6. WOW!! This woman is amazing! You do your thing Miss African Queen Keira LaShae! And your group was hanging tight! This is an awesome African dance cardio workout!

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