1. I’m def gonna join in on the challenge with ya. I’ve already made a plan on fasting all month and I gotta stick to it. I’m trying to get my first vid made tonight so I can finally get my channel started as well.

  2. Congrats on your weight loss you look sooooooo small👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 I'm going to stick to 23 hours fasting with no sugar or starchy carbs. The gym is next not sure what day this month

  3. I died laughing when you said no bites then took a bite! You are too dang funny 😂😂😂…you are so close…sooo close…. I'm excited to see your 197 day when it happens. 32 pounds!!!! Yes success indeed. You worked so hard. Alhamdulilah, girl! In my eyes…you DID it!

  4. Wow Mieka. Congrat! I saw you slim down. This time I will join you if you have a challenge this month. I need someone to keep me focus. Love from Canada(excuse my French-English speaking)

  5. Weight Loss Continuation Journey 2019
    You are doing FABULOUS, Meika!
    You have it all figured out, what works for you.
    You are right. 2019 will be the BEST.

  6. Siiiiiisssssss!!!!! That thumbnail alone got me fired up!! I cried when I put Michelle’s pants on the first time. We might have to do the same, two vids a day. I love watching people eat and enjoy, so yes to all your ideas in 2019! Love ya🌞💋💋

  7. I'm joining your challenge this year! I've failed 5years in a row, but this time I'm sticking to my plan. You look great, much leaner. Oh and what is the yogurt cream cheese dip recipe? It sounds tasty. Happy New Year and new you!

  8. Happy New Year Mieka and you are looking good my friend. It makes you feel great when you can get into a smaller pants and you know you've done well. Lol Wow Mieka 210 pounds is amazing. You lost 32 pounds, hurray for you. Keep up the good work girlie girl. 🙂

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