1. Hello bro, I used to see your videos in my leisure time to develop myself with your simple easy tips. Regarding this fitness, I have a shoulder pblm so that iam unable do workout which have impact on shoulder and hips also. I can do workout for 1month after one month I can't do workout due to pain. In my case can you suggest solution to get my physic better. I don't know whether you come through my comment, if so please suggest me. Thanks bro

  2. Bro actually I m girl but enaku boys mathiri body fitness venum nu nenikura. But ennala gym pokura time illa. And Naan hight akanum and boys mathiri body fitness venum Enna pannanum bro

  3. Many of them telling 45minutes workout per day is limit you telling is 1hour 40minute workout per day is it bad for health if we want to split this workout for two day in between this workout what is the duration for muscle recovery I mean rest 24 hours are 48 hours if you tell this clearly it's usefull for us thanks for vedio

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