1. No roids are any other sort off performance drugs in your system then no same as your forgetting too tell ppl healthy diet is a very very very big part in looking and feeling good cos you can do all this bs but there never gonna look good with eating shite

  2. In a hotel doing first exercise thinking hmmm this isn’t so bad… skip second exercise halfway through…. skip third exercise…. I’ll just finish tomorrow 😂😂

  3. I don’t even need a workout plan I train full time in a circus school 😂

    But I gotta tell you after a 6h training day it feels great to lay in my bed watching a hot tattooed guy move 👍🏼

  4. Если я буду прыгать сутра и подгибать колени – у меня соседи просто охуеют и дадут мне пизды ! Its Mother – Russia

  5. I watch this and I am impressed with the upper body, then you look at the chicken legs and tiny calf muscles, all that is going through my head is that someone is skipping leg days.

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