1. Hi Lucy I did this workout this morning and 3 other of your workouts this week your such amazing trainer I also went for nice walk this afternoon too Thank you for all your amazing workout they so easily to folow I been doing your workout for just over a year now I noticed a big change in my body and feeling so much fitter and healthier so Thank you so much Lucy xx 😁🏋️‍♀️💃🏃‍♀️💪💋💋❤

  2. Lucy I love ur workouts.. I'm following them.. But I have read, doing only cardio will not lose weight more, we need to even include strength training, weight training.. I'm confused now 🙆

  3. It feels so fresh after doing this exercise and i have been following this for a month i can see a visible diffrence tysmm 💕🌎 u are a gem of a person🌈❤

  4. I am a big fan of the Low Impact workouts and this is one of the Best I have tried, so wonderful! I alternate between the intermediate and beginner depending on what I think is best for me.  Thank you Lucy for a great workout and for all your other amazing workout routines, I am a follower for life..:) Thank you for also including the beginner / low impact modifications which I believe are essential and make your workouts doable for some of us.

  5. Hi Lucy I did this workout this morning sweating loads felt amazing after I really enjoy your workout I always get excited to work out thank you Lucy 😁🏃‍♀️💪👍💋💋

  6. I love this lady and her workout plans. I get much more out her workouts than I do going to the gym. I'm committed to doing 1 hour of her workouts daily on the beginning mode. But will challenge myself to move to the right with several workouts. Had two knee replacements , so some of floor/knee workouts just don't work well for me, but I'm also starting yoga and hope that will help.my flexibility. Thank you Lucy for these workouts.

  7. Stopped at 18:30. I ran out of breath. This one is extremely challenging for me 🤣 Way more than HIIT one (always opted for beginner). Will try again tomorrow 💪.

    Day 2: Done 20", 90% intermediate part. Wohoo! I thought I couldnt do it but I just did. Miracle 🤣

  8. Okay, so how is it possible for you to have 25 years of CERTIFIED experience in fitness? Do they give certificates to 5 year olds? You look like you barely hit 30. What is your secret, you witch? 😀

  9. And now one of the highlights of my day is hearing ur angelic voice saying.. "as ur trainer with 25yrs of experience i know how to get results".. u are a gem of a person

  10. I stan u lucy.. i do!!!.. u are a true inspiration. Usually i would do a combination of 3 or 4 of ur seven minutes challenge and a walking workout so it would round abt to an hour of working out. Doing it for the past three weeks. But today i decided to challenge myself and did ur tone every zone video and this 20min workout. I was able to do 90% of ur intermediate moves and am soo happy. Tq Lucy. This is my fav workout so far. My next target is the ultimate calorie burner

  11. Lucy I just love u .ur amazing trainer ur a gift from God to the people who want to reduce the weight in very short period ur exercise r amazing I just started today dear with this . I really love to see ur videos .

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