1. My trainer doesn't advice me to do bench press as I struggle a bit with weight. So can i do the other exercises without bench press until there is some development?

  2. Thanks guys! Although no longer young at 49, I am a beginner. Been following your instructions for last couple of weeks. I have been getting stronger day after day. Simple and succinct. (Not like other videos out there that are so complicated, with all that science.) Cheers!

  3. I forgot to mention, with your hand movements when you talk to the camera, you could actually be better than vanilla ice or eminem 😉 keep it up

  4. Sorry i didnt get the dumbbell press, do you hold and raise them at that angle/orientation
    ive seen to manay variations like holding them square or turning as you come up, is there a wrong way or doesnt it mater

  5. yOU GUYS are so big gees like it, i dont know if i can ever look like that , i would be happy to be half way from where i am now to that . Im going ti do chest todayits been day now from my injury, and yesteday i did my shoulders…. the one from your video, i do feel a bit sore and starngely my back the left side by the wing bone and for some reason my lower back is in pain and my lats …. i feel like a frail old man , man with tiny arms like i was describing before.
    Ayways i had oats for breakfast water , then after 1 hour i was wanting to leave but my wife made something for lunch so i had a little bit, its a dumpling soup with vegies in it.
    I will not have to wait about 1 more hour and then go to gym….
    I want to have 2 raw eggs maybe with milk before i go but i am sure i can have this when i get home maybe ? – yes i need help! not sure what i am supposed to eat.

  6. the thing beginners ( me ) really need to know is what to focus on while doing the reps, what muscle -exactly – and when to breath and stuff like that … can you plz do us the favor

  7. man im 18 6 feet 2 inches and I weight 138-142lbs and I really want to start working out, I have the passion too but i worry to much and i wont think Ill get strong like nick. fk

  8. Hi bro just wanted to say excellent video really like the way you explain it all just wanted to find out I’ve got man boobs would the same exercise work for me?

  9. Am not sure if you guys will read this, but as a beginner in the gym who knows shit you guys are really helping, I was even starting to think that i should stop going to the gym before i saw this video and hopefully will see the other videos.thanks and if you can give me any advices please do

  10. Do you need to do dumb bell fly's when I already do the shoulder press that also works out the pec muscle?, also I struggle with form on dumb bell press can I just stick to the bench press instead?

  11. This is a helpful video! It brought me confidence to go to the gym and ignore everyone staring at me! I'm 26 and not ashamed of being weak! I'm gonna start light and I don't care if it's 5 lbs lol. Ill go up as time goes by and eat the right nutrition!

  12. You guys are great! I know that this is a beginner's video for young people, can a 50-year-old (absolute) beginner use it too or should I do something different?

  13. Fuck those gays….aszhole.. no pecs no bicep no tricep no calf…fuck off both of you youre nothin…ur not motivation…hahaha 60% fats both of you..ur not strong..

  14. 200k views ! – THANK YOU GUYS !! I'm glad all of you enjoyed this – I wanted to make this video so bad because a lot of other YouTubers never broke down important elements ! With that said, I hope our video gave all of you a clear idea on where to begin. – Remember to train hard and SMART ! #Getbiggtv !!!!!!

  15. Short, sweet and to the point. I'm definitely going to incorporate these workouts in my routine starting tomorrow. Thanks a bunch 🙂

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