1. 14:26. Firstly I'd like to how much I enjoy your uploads when I do view them, I feel the commitment that goes into the video, and it's a good strong positive energy.

    I will say this about hopping a box loaded with solid objects in them. I would like you to rethink this. It should be a soft item and with plenty of room around the hopping area if a accident was to occur, it might not be pretty. As a professional in the area of fitness, it would be prudent to present safety.

    If someone was to have a cramp mid jump, they may not clear the box. It would not be a simple fall, in my opinion. This wasn't your normal upload, it was as good as all the others.

  2. Finally! 🙂
    I've missed your incredible workouts so much! ♥
    Please do more like these (I mean free ones on youtube).. Even if it will be not often, but please ^_^

  3. OHHH BOY ZUZANA, we're gonna have so much fun training at home together this next week being all snowed in!!! <3 I'm gonna do cardio outside going for runs in the snow, so let's do your Power Series! It's gonna be pure Delirium Zu, you gonna love it! ;D

  4. Omg, she had been making fitness videos for at least 6 years, and her body and face are as perfect now as then. Just shows you what that extreme level of fitness can do for you.

  5. Me: God, you have create a brilliant woman in this world, so magic😍
    God asked me: Son, my SONNN…! that was all my hands, if you really wanna know, l can teach you.

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