1. Yay for week 2! 💁🏻💪🏻 and yes don’t weigh yourself every week, I weigh and measure myself at the beginning of each month cause yea our weight fluctuates a lot smh lol 🙄😂 yea I eat three times a day but I try to stop eating by 8 I tried intermittenting fasting but I didn’t like it so much lol

  2. I’m also on a weight loss journey girl! Glad to see you pushing forward!!

    Can you please add how many reps/ sets you do per workout to the videos?!😊

  3. I would love. To give you a few tips on what to do when your working out it will help you get curvy lose weight faster but any ways your doing very well …

  4. Way To Go Lindsey! These videos are truly inspiring me to get up and move 😁 I hope to one day work up the courage to attend a gym. I know that will be a life changing experience. Very proud of you for being able to do so😊 Hope Wendy is able to get back into vlogging as well. Would really love to hear all the tips she has 😊 Hope you and your family have an amazing week❤

  5. Yes I don’t recommend to weigh yourself everyday. I would recommend every month. 😃 the one thing you’ll see a difference is in clothes (best feeling ever)!! I also recommend tracking your macros I use fitness pal and it’s great. Easy to use and not all crazy lol. Keep going 💪🏼

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