1. Im a 43 yrs man, endomorph and obese, How to train for ideal body fat, but I dont want to be big and bulky, just want body like gymnast or cover of mens health magazine, thanks

  2. What about the abs? Why is that never outlined? Is that lower or upper split?

    Also what’s better Upper split/ lower split or Push / Pull / Legs?

  3. monday- back biceps shoulders
    tuesday- chest triceps
    wednesday- abs cardio legs
    thursday- back biceps shoulders
    friday- chest triceps
    saturday – abs cardio legs
    Is this a good split pls help !!

  4. i've been training pull and push 4 days a week but I make squats every day, except when i'm sore from the day before, is this good? i've been having amazing results combined with a strict diet

  5. what I do is very similar to the upper/lower except I do a "leg day" while also training some arm muscles along with it. Glad to know that I am optimizing my time and effort at the gym

  6. I’ve been doing a version of he bro split

    Each muscle group gets twice a week

    Monday: Arms, Abs
    Tuesday: Chest, Legs
    Wednesday: Back
    Thursday: Rest/Cardio day
    Friday: Monday (arms, abs)

    (Or a variation of this)

  7. Curious how I made my best gains ever and got to my lowest bodyfat by training each muscle only once per week. Minimal cardio and nowhere near 16 sets per bodypart.

  8. monday – Arms
    tuesday – Chest/Back
    wednesday – Legs/Shoulders
    thursday – Arms
    friday – Chest/Back
    saturday – Legs/Shoulders
    sunday – rest

  9. I tried a push/pull/leg plan once. My only problem with it was that shoulders don't get enough attention, which is why I'm going with a custom bro split now with a dedicated shoulder/arms day. The Arnie upper/lower/shoulder would be good, but hitting the gym 6 times a week next to a 9 to 5 job is just not possible, if you want to have a life too. Would gladly do it though. Go in for chest in the morning and then also in the evening for some arms and calves and cardio… If only I was rich enough for that.

  10. "Just know that workout volume and consistency are the more important factors."

    This one sentence is the perfect example of why I watch your vids and trust your advice. It's all based upon reliable sources, backed up by personal experience, and presented with wisdom and common sense. Thanks for doing what you do!

  11. Chest/tri
    Repeat over and over no rest days. So im basically working out everything 2x a week. What is the importance of rest days?

  12. my split:
    week 1
    M: full body (compound)
    W: full body (compound)
    F: full body(compound)
    S: Rest
    S: full body(Isolation)

    week 2
    M: rest
    T: full body(compound)
    W: rest
    T: full body (compound)
    S: full body (compound)
    S: rest

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