1. Amy Jo, THIS exercises is what I was looking for. The last one, I feel it from my butt to the back of my thight almost to the back of my knees. Thank you!! Please make more for this problem part of our body. Nov. 8, 2018

  2. Hope they work. So many conflicting videos. Trying to get muscles tight WITHOUT building bigger. Want butt bigger w/o making thigh bigger. These seem ok?

  3. Hey, Would you please help me?
    is there a workout to lean up the quads and hamstrings, I have muscular thighs naturally and right now my thighs are disproportionate to the rest of my body. I have managed to target my saddlebags and inner thighs and I look pretty alright from the front. When I turn to the side I look massive because my quads and hams are very wide, I also have a flat butt so it just looks very weird and nothing looks good on me anymore. If there is anything you could suggest it would be of great help. I am pretty much looking for the opposite of this workout. Leaning up that area.
    I do cardio and hiit 2-3 times a week, weights twice a week and yoga on the weekends and my legs are losing the fat I can see it but the width of my quads and hams just won’t get lean. So help me maybe?

  4. Jeff, our girls need more of these vids for them! And my girl wants you to teach it! Also, she's 39 and does some facial exercises….she wants to know which you would say to do! Thanks for your knowledge!!!

  5. I love the exercises but im not used to the shortness of the videos as i used to watch the other athlean x videos. jeff definitely gets deeper into the matter and explains more to us which is super helpful and reassuring.

  6. All of these exercises definitely do a wonder on the back of the thighs n hamstrings I know firsthand because I've included these 3 into glute day routine last month and I definitely see a huge difference in how my rear view looks just be sure to warmup & cool down your hamstrings for sure!!!!!!!

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