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  2. Thank you for having some walks available on youtube Leslie! I have quite a few of your dvd’s but its nice to try a new walk or be able to walk away from home using my tablet.

  3. I am 71 years old, and early June I could hardly walk as a result of a recovering injury. This exercise program has me walking again. I have been a volunteer PGA marshal, and will be ready for the tournament in August. Lots of walking and standing for long periods. Thank you.

  4. A lot of positive comments and that is good. I must mention though, that so called fat burning does not need any intensity at all and although 20 minutes can make people feel better of course, it is very minimal as to "fat burning".

  5. This is such good inspiration for me to exercise. It fun and feel good. Thank you so much to have this available to public.i can exercise in the most comfortable place in my own home. Thank you once again good job

  6. 61 yr old that never exercised here….started your walk program and find my self wanting to do it every morning now…only doing the 1 mile walks now but hope to build up to more…ty for making it fun

  7. Leslie we love all your exercises. All of us including my kids do it almost everyday. we love you especially your laughter. Keep strong and stay healthy, God bless you..

  8. Tengo lupus y esta serie de ejercicios me pareció interesante y divertidos espero me funcionen no quiero engordar con tanto medicamento que estoy tomando. También mi ánimo está por los suelos. Voy a intentarlo. Tengo que poder.

  9. Does this help in weight loss? I usually do walking but its too hot outside so thought of trying this
    I wanted to try this with 3 mile walk
    Will it help in weight loss?

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