1. I like how, despite most of the same moves being used in all the workouts, there's a definite sense of variety to them. This is going in my little fitness playlist!

  2. Hello everyon👋 how are you all guys? I m feeling very light weight cauz i loose my weight from 61kg to 54.5 kg till now. Only i do your walk at home program with you . I m very happy.

  3. Nick, You did a wonderful job! We miss you Leslie! I have been walking with you for 5 months now and have lost 25lbs and kept it off! You guys have truly changed my life for the better

  4. Just love all of Leslie Sansone's walking excercise. They give results and are not very taxing on our body. I am 53 years old and I religiously practise walking at home. Thank you Leslie.

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