1. “ muchachas call you back “ hilarious well I am a muchacha looking to do some exercises using body weight with little to no equipment to start… so I will be trying some of these …. but my question is do you also incorporate any cardio into these workouts as well ?

  2. Stfu bro… You suck, plain n simple… The whole getting fit thing is f'n easy… No one needs ur punk arse telling anyone anything….

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  3. Literally yesterday I was thinking that I wanted to do some workouts with just body weight to help me get back into things then without searching for it, this pops up on my recommended video list. I think it's fate. Thanks man, this looks like the perfect plan for me to get back into it. I appreciate it!

  4. Very good video, like your humour!
    Buuut, you should tell the people to not just go all out, proper form and technique is very important. Just a reminder: let people know to seek professional help if they are unsure, you dont want them to hurt themselves.
    Still love the video!

  5. Got a question, how often should i be going on runs or doing sprints? my cardio is terrible at best, but i feel like im either running too (daily) much or too little (2 per week max)

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