1. What's up guys! This video is a follow up from our Recent Body Transformation Video. We got many comments & questions about the topic: How to start Calisthenics. So we decided to dedicate a full video about this. We did the video in English again because we can't just see all you guys responding and giving so much love our our video, while doing nothing back…

    So here it is: "How to Start with Calisthenics?"

    0:14 Intro

    1:31 #1 Start With the Basics!

    1:44 Prevent injuries

    2:18 Burn Fat Quicker

    2:42 Natural Way of Training

    3:18 Improve Form & Technique

    4:21 Bodyweight Basics GOALS

    4:48 #2 Work on a Strong Core!

    5:02 Push up vs Bench press Example

    6:62 Don't train for 6-pack Abs, Train your CORE

    7:15 Core GOALS

    7:43 #3Work on Mobility & Flexibilty

    8:21 What is and Why Flexibility?

    8:46 What is and Why Mobility?


    11:56 Free Calisthenics Training Guide Explenation

    12:45 Ibiza Calisthenics Retreat Announcement (Stan Browney).

    We hope that this video will help you out to start with Calisthenics. Please like, comment and share the video if you find it helpfull! We would really appreciate it.

  2. Hey i have a question, im a beginner in calisthenics, my arms are my weakest body part, does it help me to progress faster with classic „arnold“ weight lifting?

  3. I hope u guys can see this comment, to know how much this has helped. Has been looking into workout routines, and struggled to find something this concrete. I found it quite hard to find a video who told me what to do, focus on, and how to proceed further from my starting point. Thanks alot.

  4. Let the other guy speak too. Looks weird. Thanks for the free ebook. Will go through it & try to incorporate in my routine. 😊

  5. 11:45 “We don’t say it’s the best routine..”

    Title of video: Best Beginner Workout Routine

    Hahahahaha funny. But awesome video. Thank you guys. I needed this. ✌🏼👌🏼👍🏼

  6. so if im going to the gym i can i do the upper body training and then do my normal workout or do i have to strictly work only on the upper body and nothing else?

  7. Leuk kanaal! Ik ben mij een beetje aan het verdiepen in calisthenics / functioneel fitness omdat krachttraining mij zo onderhand een beetje verveelt. Daarnaast geeft het mij wat meer vrijheid, ik hoef dan niet altijd naar de sportschool om een goede workout te krijgen. 😀

  8. hey thanks for this great video but i want to ask about some questions that i have been suffering from 1 – if my maximum pull ups is 8 how many pull ups should i do per set and when i reach 10 pull ups per set should i change the exercise and do harder one ? for example make archer pull ups or so on 2 – if i can make hard exercise like archer pull ups why should i make normal pull ups again ?? 3- how many pulling exercises should i do per workout to not make my muscles fatigue ? 4- and when i get better in push ups and pull ups which day should i practice the skills and how many times per week ? (please answer)

  9. I can hear you guys are Dutch, so let me say it like this…Heel erg bedankt voor de goeie tips.Voor een beginner zoals ik is deze video heel behulpzaam.Bedankt jongens !!!

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