1. Is it good to use to help strengthen your core muscles? Mines are weak and therefore I have a mommy tummy. Im trying to strengthen those muscles without having to get a tummy tuck.

  2. Quick question im a beginner swimmer i keep getting cramps in my right foot when swimming any ideas how to get rid of this?Would it be dehydration?

  3. I started swimming in August and was barely improving because of my poor (and i soon found out to be excessive) kicking and sinking legs. In November I bought a pull bouy and it helped create major breakthroughs because I was able to focus on the technique for my arms and my breathing. For a few weeks I used it almost exclusively. Then as I improved I began using it less and less. Now I'm swimming 3 times a week and using the pull bouy during the middle session, only. And sometimes (when my technique is better) I find my legs are now higher in the water without the bouy than with it. It's also great for doing longer sessions to build strength and endurance in my arms because I can swim for a least three or four times the time and distance when I'm not using my legs.

  4. I find the biggest benefit of pull buoys, is that it stops your legs from compensating for imbalances at the front.
    For instance: if a swimmer massively crosses over their centre line at the font with their arms, he/she can kind of get away with it by sticking out a leg in the opposite direction at the back of their stroke…

    Not with a pull buoy they can't :d

  5. Great video once again. Interestingly, I go faster with a pull boy (and without kicking) than when I swim without it. That means that I create so much drag with my sinky legs that actually completely negates the help of my kick?

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