1. Wow you look 💕😍 but your exercise, s are too hard for a beginer like me can you make a video for people like me who have just started too explore 😊

  2. I did it though I was scrunched in a tiny bathroom! Couldn’t go fully down or fully stretch out on some of them, but I’ll do it! Awesome! Only thing. Every time I do ab workouts my neck really hurts. Like I’m messing it up. Am I doing something wrong?

  3. I've been working out for the past month and thought I got a bit better but this just told me I'm made out of butter and that I should work harder

  4. I'm going to try do this every day and update… begining waist approx 30inch
    Day 1 completed as best I can It s really hard…
    Day 2 done
    Day 3 done
    Day 4 didn t do it (i did a long bum workout – I am doing other workouts but not ab related)
    Day 5 – done (obviously no results yet) also did Holly's 11abs line workout 🙂
    Day 6 – done, my tummy looks a bit flatter.
    Btw I can't do a full sit up, I make some of the exercises a bit easier..
    Day 7 – done
    Going to start eating less.. 'cos I eat too much chocolate.. and it's not helping..
    Day 8 – done + Holly's 7 minute workout to burn belly fat

    So I'm going to change my routine.. I'm going to do abs workout every other day (this one + Holly's burn belly fat workout) on the days I don't do abs I do glutes and legs…
    We are July 30th I'll update on August 6th 🙂

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