1. Done! That was hard but manageable… Until that last repeat, which got me shaking all over. Also did regular mountain climbers as I couldn't get the leg alternance right^^

  2. This was great! I haven't ever tried 1 sided burpees before and had to put my other foot down to balance on the way up, and had to modify the plank push-ups a bit, but otherwise was rocking this! 🙂 Ha-ha. I'll definitely have to keep practising this! Thanks so much.

  3. I found the one legged burpees and push up jacks a little too complicated given that I only started to seriously workout one month ago after taking a two and a half month trip overseas. I substituted them with star jumps and pop squats respectively. These definitely kept up my cardio and pushed me to the limits, but it was so worth it! Hearing "this workout is complete" is completely and utterly satisfying when you gave it all your effort.
    Thanks guys for this workout!!
    (1000 calories? Nice!)

  4. It’s my 22nd birthday today and I did this workout as a birthday present from me to me. 🤪 the feeling of achievement once you’ve finished is priceless! I’d love more videos like this. ❤️

  5. Used to weigh 200lbs! Started working out with them intensively about three years ago and now, my body has come SUCH A LONG WAY. I’m down to 114lbs now with a 6 pack and all other benefits. Consistently working on yourself, switching it up, clean eating, and mental health is all part of my success through FB!

  6. Brutal is an understatement! Those single leg burpees and mountain climbers killed me! I felt like I had no coordination so I had to go at a slower pace but still got through the workout nonetheless! Baby steps! Thanks Daniel!

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