1. I think you should make videos on porn, you can be better pornstar than others and you can do very well squats on my dick.
    I hope you understand what I mean.

  2. Thanks for posting this! I have been using a staple ten exercises on my ol' TG, doing them regularly. It was good to see some variety! *especially the one-legged squats with one foot on glide-board! 

    As a former standup martial artist, I enjoy how TG offers balance and alignment.

    Subscribed to your own channel too!

    I asked an earlier question for you, on an older (6 years ago) hip strengthening routine. Maybe TG does not forward questions. Peace!

  3. I am impressedby the number of corperate videos. Total gym has excellent prooduct support. Even the independent videos all seem to like the product, though some carp about the price. I think I will put my beer and dorritos down and get one!

  4. I'm not sure that I would include the first 3 as the "best" exercises. They are certainly NOT traditional Total Gym exercises that you see on most TG videos or that Rosalie Brown does or even demonstrated on the infomercial. In any talk of the "best" exercises, the traditional exercises that you see on that big TG poster are the ones to consider.

  5. I just got my Total Gym Fit a few weeks ago. I am in love!!! I never have to step foot in a gym again (or waste precious time driving there)!!!

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