1. The first time in 51 years I am developing abs since I found Rebecca Louise, your workouts and enthusiasm are the best ????❤️⭐️ I spent $130 nz dollars on Sweat App which I'm not using and wish I had of bought your Burn App ????

  2. Been doing abs , lower abs , arm, hip dips, butt and chest and back workouts and all i can say Rebecca’s workouts are all working????. Eating healthy food are the most important (like Rebecca said) if you want to achieve the body that you want. I already doing your workouts for year and it’s really awesome.I’m changing my lower abs workout for this. Thank you so much Rebecca????

  3. I’m going to start this in a few days and I’ve started to eat clean 2 days ago. And I already dropped a couple of pounds because of it.

  4. Omg….did this routine yesterday and my abs are hurting real good right now. I love it! I can’t wait to go in the mat again. Thank you!! You are the best!!!

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