1. My urine be looking like pure water, for real, that is just how much water I drink, and detoxing I do. I took a urine test for a job and she looked at it, weirdly cause it was just too clear to believe it was Urine, it had barely any odor at all.

  2. Wow, no alcohol at all? No cocktails, wine? What an inspirational person in this day and age where drinking alcohol seems to be as normal as drinking water.

  3. Don't necessarily need money to preserve your youthful look. Although money is the quick and easier way out, these tips to staying young and beautiful are:
    Don't Drink
    Don't Smoke
    Don't mess with Drugs
    Drink nothing but water everytime you're thirsty
    Have a Exercise Regimen
    Get plenty of rest
    Let go of stress
    Eat Fruits, Vegetables, Wholesome Food….just eat healthy
    See a Doctor regularly to keep up with your health (including Dentist and maybe even a Dermatologist)
    Try not to take any medications at all if you can help it

    Just simple, yet difficult things like these. I don't see where you must have a whole lot of money to do what Jenifer Lopez is doing. So what if she's a millionaire and maybe even getting botox, surgeries and buying pricey creams! There are good quality skin care creams right on the shelves at the same drugstores we shop at. Just because something is so expensive does not mean it's better than what we can afford. It's all in the mind!

    Trust me, it's possible to achieve Jenifer's golden appearance!

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  6. Well that is not good i mean not realizing your mistakes makes u runn from them & that is exactly what the devile wants you to do . The "univers " what or who is that how about Jesus God he is the one in controll .

  7. Even with money she hasn't really aged..they get botox and use all sorts of treatments, but these celebs look funny around the face, mouth and eyes after they get work. she just looks like she hasn't aged!

  8. She has wrinkles like anyone else round eyes etc…g eat creams makeup etc appears smoother then it is!! Look at certain pics..shows some aging…she's rich and healthy..helps

  9. We are all deficient in Magnesium, iodine and b12. We need to take these daily and magnesium is vital for healthy cells in the body and can be used in the prevention of cancer and treatment too. B12 is vital to take iron around the body and can lead to anemia and dementia.

  10. share the name of your plastic surgeon, the name of your make up artist, what kind of wigs you wear, the veneers you have done and the pothosop etc… be honest you are not real"

  11. She avoids the sun but I lay in the sun for hours every chance I get and I barely look 21 and I'm almost 40 and the women in my family looks younger. It's all about genetics.

  12. She def had some work done a little Botox on the forehead a lift here and there… but ppl do it gradually so you can see the difference she doesn’t have a least one wrinkle pls young ppl have them

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