1. You know you're out of shape when the last time you followed an ab workout a creative move was a side plank.

    This was very technical and challenging! I only made it half way and my upper abs are literally cramping lol but I will go again tomorrow, very good exercise!

  2. Hey! I'm going to do this ab workout everyday for a month! Please remind me because sometimes I forget to update this 🙁 I am 12, weight 122 pounds and I am 5'4. I really have most of my weight in my butt, legs and stomach.
    Day 1 – I only did 7 minutes of this workout. It was burning soooooooo bad and I did a 30 minute hiit workout before this so I hope this gets easier the more I do it. I'll tell you tomorrow how my stomach is looking and how much I lost.

  3. I keep putting pressure on my neck that makes me want to stop the entire routine because I'm in so much pain but I can't stop putting pressure on my neck.

  4. Workout:
    •1 min~sit-up, 2 in-outs, 4 russian twists
    •1 min~cross cross leg drops
    •1 min~table top crunch
    •1 min~L leg drops
    •1 min~reverse crunch
    •1 min~crunch left knee, right knee
    •1 min~mountain climbers, left and right knee
    •30 seconds~pull sits
    Dont give up! We all know what that looks like, let’s see what happens if we don’t!!!❤️🌺

  5. For those of you who want to ease into this workout
    Start with 3-4 of the 7 exercises for two day
    One the third day do all 7
    After a week start another set but only add one exercise each day until you are finally doing two complete sets at the end of week two
    This is what I did and it helps a lot! Even before doing two sets I could see results!

  6. wowww this burns. i just finished doing alexis ren’s 10 minute ab workout for 30 days straight, and i wanted something challenging since some ab workouts literally are useless. surprisingly, this ab workout wasn’t as bad as i imagined, but i still struggled at some points and paused a couple times. i wanna try alternating between this workout and your other 15 minute totalab workout every day and see what results i get. super good workout!!

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