1. Alll of you commenting negative shit about Kim are haters !! It’s so ridiculous how her trainer is saying they swiped her processed food pantry and replaced it with healthy foods. that she’s in the gym every morning at 6 am and how over time she’s eating more clean foods. It’s crazy how some of you just love to hate! I’m not saying her body is real, but y’all tryna knock her health and fitness like she does nothing but plastic surgery and lipo. I’m pretty sure she’s realized that to maintain her physique she actually has to put in the work as to why she has a trainer.

  2. Love the trainer, but let's be honest, Kim's figure was not achieve with working out! Plus, she has all the money in the world to remove stubborn fat, cellulite and all the little "imperfections".

  3. yeah, but like… she had surgery… her hips are fake, her boobs are fake, her ass is fake, her nose is fake, her lips too, of course she has to be in shape but dont tell me she achieved her "hourglass shape" by working out and dieting.

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  5. I used to down shame myself because my body didn’t look like Kim’s and still to do this I try to get my body to turn from an inverted triangle to an hourglass. This kinda made me realize that you can achieve this through determined effort, diet, and exercise✨!

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