1. I first found this video literally one week ago, when I woke up early because I couldn’t stay asleep and decided to finally get up and exercise. High blood pressure, bad knees, threat of adult onset diabetes looming over me. Daniel was so supportive I cried through the first workout, just marching in place about half the time because I couldn’t keep up, but I came back on Tuesday for more. I’ve gone through this video three times now, and have done other body project videos every day in between. Just one week later and I can keep up through the whole thing. Already sleeping better, already having to work harder to keep my heart rate up. I went and signed up on the body project website yesterday. Thanks for all you do, thanks for the judgement free zone, thanks for being genuine.

  2. I love this but I have to ask, why does it seem like he's only talking to Alex? Why isn't he talking to both women? Is Alex his wife or girlfriend? If so, then I understand but I'm just curious.

  3. I've to say this video is the most effective to me after giving birth to my second and weak knees. I've been doing this for the past 2 months twice a week. It helped me to reduce 0.5 kg WITHOUT any restrictions on food intake. Thanks body project team. You're fitness rockstars!

  4. #1
    I've been doing this workout for around one month. I am 100 kilograms and 21 years I think that I losted about 2 or 3 kilograms during this month. I definitely feel more stronger than before specially on my legs. I'm not very constant with the workout, I exercise 4 days a week. 1 day exersice and 1 day rest or even two if I don't feel like exercising.

    I eat as usual I just stopped drinking soda or any sugary drink I only drink water, milk and coffee with a little sugar (1 or two cups), I stopped eating junk food like chocolates, cookies, Sweet bread, Chips and I don't repeat dish.

    It may not sound very strict but that did the difference for me.

    Sometimes I break the rule of no junk food once every two weeks, Except for soda I won't drink that thing if its possible

    I'll try to update this once a week or two.

  5. I was looking for a recovery workout for my carb cycling routine, and came across this one. I loved every second of this workout because it's fun! Highly recommend for those on Keto or low carb diets.

  6. Ive tried every work out out there I can find, this is just my first time with your video, and unfortunately I didnt finish it but I got up to 3/4th of the work out done! Thats progress and soon I’ll be able to do it all! The amount of support in this video, “Im there with you, behind you, in front of you” all of it. And honestly, I was crying because of how supportive he was being and pushed myself to do what I could without hurting myself. Please keep up the good work and thank you so much!

  7. I got 17 minutes in. This is the first time I have exercised or anything in about 10 years. Planning on doing it daily. I wonder how long before I can do the whole thing? I've gotten really out of shape, but the way this guy was talking to me was exactly what I needed to hear! Thanks, guy!

  8. Yesterday i did my work out from another channel and i felt so down cause i couldn't finish it properly but to day i feel so proud of myself cause i could do the moves correctly and finish your video until the end …this is motivating me to do more and to stay focused on having a healthy life style…
    Big support from Algeria✌

  9. I've intermittently done this workout and your 'Real Start Just Move' workout for 3 months now, combined with keto and intermittent fasting for the past 5 months and my quality of life has improved so significantly already. Stronger, more durable body and ability to increase my pulse without feeling weak or dizzy. Lost 8,5 kilos (18,5 pounds) so far and suddenly fit into my old clothes again. Not just that but I acutally feel more comfortable with my body and exposing skin again after walking around well covered up for the past few years. I have hypothyroidism and swiftly gained 15 kilos over the past 3 years, not to mention swelling, water-retention and overall weakness and mental fatigue. I'm super picky about finding workout videos that appeal to me, because so often there's something a little but off that makes me not enjoy it (the trainer, the music, some excercises) – but your videos ticks all the boxes! Thank you for existing and to this amazing channel! Keep up the good work, you're changing lives!

  10. Thanks to these videos, I started gym again and could feel real progression in endurance. The motivation is far different when watching than doing on my own. I haven't found any other videos with easy non-exaggerated exercises and this can be done by any beginner or experienced person. Please post more of these mixed cardio workouts

  11. I've been doing this 5 days a week for twelve weeks now. I'm now an exercise addict haha. I would like to step it up a bit though. Can anyone recommend what would be good next?

  12. I love this video except the part where as we are throwing punches you suggested “think of someone you don’t like” Obviously promotes violence there is enough of that in this world . we don’t need to capture that negative energy while we are exercising to create positive energy . We must be very conscious of our words and what they promote

  13. Thank you Body Project..being a mother of 6 kids.it’s hard for me to find time to workout.but when I saw this video.i wanted to give it a try so i did it for the last 6 days in a row and lost 6 and 1/2 pounds! And feel so good!, thank you for the motivation 👍

  14. I was super sore from a heavy weightlifting session, but I wanted to get some low-impact cardio in nonetheless. This was a perfect workout and I sweated a lot more than I anticipated. Thanks for your passion in helping us get fit. <3

  15. This is incredible! I wanted to get moving once more but unfortunately I’m in the middle of allergy season, meaning it’s the one time of year I gotta worry about asthma. This kicked my butt without getting me short of breath – I’m obsessed! Loved Daniel up until those extra ten seconds at the end (JK) but I love how he kept saying “I’m in front of you, I’m behind you, I’m with you, etc”. Idk I found it hella heartwarming. I’ll have this bookmarked for sure

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