1. Would love to see maidana back in the mix. Too many cowards. Maidana is not scared to fight anyone. Maidana has heart and ambition. These welterweights are too friendly in 2019 maidana is coming to fight. Would like to see Jeff horn vs maidana Pac man vs maidana and Crawford vs maidana.

  2. Maidanna does bring something else and we will see. Floyd Sr said Manny can get some if Floyd…but for the money its right but as a fight to see I don't care for it. Floyd is just to slick and it would be a dull fight again. Since spence and Crawford is not on mannys list…kieth would be a good fight pac would beat porter. Crawford and Spence need to make this fight next….but Khan can out box you his chin is the problem in the Crawford fight. I like to see Floyd come back and fight a tune up fight then fight spence. That would be a interesting fight because Spence would have a difficult time trying to hit floyd and getting countered at the same timee.

  3. Last I saw Ariza said he was 190 so now 187 as you report not bad with these new sport science techniques 154 is possible but the opponent will be very important for that first fight back . I wish him luck he’ll just add interest to the 147 division which is already stacked 🥊🥊🥊🥊

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