1. "Starvation mode" is actually a myth. Your body doesn't hold on to fat if you restrict your calories. To use an extreme example, if this were true, anorexics would never lose weight. The reason most people believe they can't lose weight on lower restriction is usually because they are either miscalculating their intake calories or they overeat after restricting too much for themselves personally. No matter what, what you said is 100% true that you should do what you feel comfortable and safe with! And I'm super glad you're going about it healthily and happily. 🙂 You're awesome! Just wanted to make that comment because starvation mode is not a real thing (coming from a Biology major)

  2. If your gym has it, i would 110% recommend trying body pump by les mills!! i find that it challenges me and I always find new moves to integrate into my everyday  workout from the class! its a class you can really grow with!

  3. just found your channel through Remi and turns out my best friend went on SAS the same time as you and you guys went sky diving the same day?! what a small world!!

  4. omg thank you for addressing the fact that YOU learned A LOT from youtube, fitness/nutrition wise. I always share knowledge about fitness and nutrition to people (also, not a freaking expert!) but they ask where I "heard that from" and I say youtube(r) and they laugh… like you can learn so much from Youtubers.. if theyre credible, genuine, and trustworthy to their audience…
    Good luck on your goals girl, crush it! You're such an inspiration… balancing school, and fitness and just life in general I love your vids 🙂

  5. Working the booty is my fave ???????????? so basic I know..I’ve been trying to really do glute isolation though because I accidentally worked my quads too much. I love using a mini resistance band!

  6. Allergy tests are actually pretty cheap, especially if you know the general type of allergies you have. If you have insurance, why not get an allergy test so you can be sure? ????

  7. I prefer arms and legs! I hate abs, which is weird because that's where I hold the least fat so you'd think it be easier for me to work them. I have a feeling that's not actual #logic

  8. Hey guys!! Ive always been unhappy with my body, but never really did anything consistent or healthy to change it. Recently I got into fitness and eating healthy (thanks to Kristees inspiration) and just being conscious of what I do and put in my body. I go to the gym, but all I ever do is run on the treadmill because I'm too scared to use the free weights or machines. I live on a college campus so a lot of the people at my gym are my age and pretty fit (they look like they know what theyre doing which so isnt me). I was just wondering how you guys are confident in the gym? I want to start strength training so bad, but I can't seem to get over my fear of other gym goers! Thanks so much guys and I hope you've all had an amazing start to the new year 🙂 <3

  9. Lol I loveeeeee working out my arms, I feel as if I already have a good amount of muscle in my legs so I try to focus more on upper body. I love being able to lift something and not feel like a weak ass girl lmaooo

  10. LISS on the elliptical is my fave. Arms & abs on BBG is a killer!

    My 2018 fitness goal is to run and do yoga (and enjoy it)

    I’be been researching low fodmap and histamine-free elimination diets to test what negatively affects your gut and overall health.

  11. My quads are pretty big already. So back and booty. Also. I’m 5’0. At my heaviest I was 145. Before learning too much I went to 1400 or 1300 calories. Did that from April till end of September. Reverse dieted. I’m at 2300 and not gaining weight. So I think I may bump to 2500 (I wanna gain some muscle before i cut again). I still have a bit to go for my body fat (not much but some) so I’ll cut again and hopefully I’ll be good this year and then try just normal healthy eating next fall. Not messing and counting. Maybe measuring somethings but not every little thing

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