Warm up options :
    on treadmill, 30 sec. jumping jacks, high knees, stretch , burpees

    set 1: (repeat 2 times)
    regular squat / with ankle weights
    sumo squat
    side leg lifts (15 rep. on each side)

    set 2: (repeat 2 times)

    squat jumps
    front and back lunges (15 rep. on each leg)
    duck walk with resistance band (no specific rep.)

    set 3: (repeat 2 times)

    leg lift pulses (with resistance band)
    side lunges (16 rep.)
    lunges then pull

    abs: (repeat 2 times)

    side plank drops
    moving plank (no specific number)
    reg. crunches
    oblique crunches
    leg drops
    toe touches (with dumbbells)
    tricep push (with dumbbells)
    straight leg lift (resistance band + ankle belt)
    fire hydrants
    90 degree curl


  2. Hi guys i want to ask you ,
    Its ok to drink water directly after workout bcuz someone tell me then i should rest 30 min after abs workout and then i drink water

    Sorry my english is so bad

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