1. How can i know how much calories i eat every single day?
    Its not like i can see food and instantly know what number they have inside them…
    Now some of you will probobly say "Cakes, Beef and that kind of food have a lot of calories inside and Cereal has less" well thats true…HOWEVER we cant know for sure that we are eating 2500 kcal per day, there isnt a way to know.
    So could someone suggest what meals to eat from breakfast to dinner that are around 2500 kcal?
    Would appreciate that

  2. Bought the scale, need to make the change back to my old Marine body. This year is the year, you also saved me a bit on a scale worth getting lmao, cheers! Earned yourself another sub!

  3. I weigh myself every day, I eat way less than before, I also try to do at least 10 push ups every day (instead of zero which I did before, obviously sometimes It'll be more and maybe over excercises) but it doesn't seem to help as always when I weigh myself it's 94 kilos, always. no matter what I do, as a test I have also eaten two packs of crisps the last two days, and guess what, 94 kilos. I do not understand how this works, do you have any explanation at all? (before I started doing anything at all I was at 98 kilos and I went down to 94 kilos rapidly which is also a reason why I don't understand this)

  4. I eat about 1500 and do very intense workouts 6 days per week, I'm losing weight/fat but VERY slow, I'm on a bit of a diet and not eating crap, am I doing something wrong? Not enough food?

  5. Browney i would do anything to get in contact with you so you could give me a programme/guide to go by because i am just a skinny 16 year old with no clue what to do and i would give anything to change

  6. Browney,I eat over 4000 calories per day ,I'm 16 and 193cm tall,I work out sometimes but don't gain any fat ,when I work out I see a lot of progress but I don't have any fat and can't grow my muscles without the fat ,if I worked out every day I know I could have a lot of progress but I want nutrition,could you make me a list of what to eat and drink and what not to eat PLEASE??!

  7. Hey! Ik weet dat mijn BMR rond de 1400 calorieen ligt en ik eet ongeveer 1500 cal per dag. Ik loop dagelijks zo'n 3-4 km. Daarnaast fitness ik 1-2 keer in de week voor ongeveer een uur en een kwartier. Adviseer je mij om meer te sporten of minder calorieen te eten? Ik probeer vet te verliezen zodat mn abs tevoorschijn komen.

  8. Awesome video!! I´m your fan Browney, your videos is simple, dynamic, and very, very funny. Your analogy is too easy for understand… It´s simply insane!!

  9. Hey Browney, first of all you are my inspiration number 1 and i enjoy watching your videos very much. Now i started my own fitness youtube chanell and i am planning big things like you for my chanell so is there any way you can give a shoutout to me or something you could help me, anyway i apriciate anything. Stay motivated

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